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Divorce and other family disputes can be difficult to say the least. Finding a solution to parenting time or division of property or financial support can be complicated. Don’t try to do it by yourself.


At Perusse Nixon PLLC, we are proud to offer over three decades of legal experience and quality representation to our clients in the Denver and Minneapolis metro areas.

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Why hire Perusse Nixon, PLLC?

Our family law background gives us the advantage of understanding the legal issues clients face in any domestic relations matter.


We know that divorce is traumatic and that even an amicable beginning can quickly take a turn for the worse. In divorce, you need to choose your battles wisely and work with an experienced lawyer who can help you prevent a fight or fight alongside you.

Why Hire Perusse Nixon, PLLC?

  • We have been practicing family law a combined 30 years in three different states – Minnesota, California and Colorado. We have seen it all. Experience makes a difference in winning or losing your case.
  • We are careful with your money. We understand that hiring an attorney is a big investment. Our firm is efficient with our time and transparent with our fees.
  • We utilize technology to simplify the tasks that need to be done for clients. Our software programs and paperless office enable us to quickly create documents and provide each client with 24/7 access to their entire case file.
  • We collaborate with other financial or mental health professionals as needed to create the perfect team to take your case to court or settle.
Perusse Nixon Family Law Attorneys

We approach every case working together with you as a team to reach your goals, including utilizing mediation services. You decide whether to go to trial or to settle out of court.

Client Testimonials

I have been practicing law for over 20 years. When I needed the best family law attorney I knew, I went to Cindy. Divorce is scary, expensive and the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life. It’s a lot less scary when you have a great attorney. Cindy is my attorney and I wouldn’t ever hire anyone else to represent.
Patti G.
Cindy M. Perusse clearly defines, “Above the Rest.” She is an experienced attorney supporting Father’s rights in the Family Law realm! Knowledgeable, consistent, and attentive to the child’s needs are just a few additional attributes Cindy displays. Her court presence and delivery brings out the true meaning of being prepared. Her reputation stands on her merits “Highly effective and successful!”
Ernest P.
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