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3 Common Mistakes That May Hurt Your Divorce Case

Perusse Nixon Family Law Attorneys

Marriage is supposed to be a never-ending union between two people. However, the reality is that a large portion of the married population ends up in divorce.

In 2015, nearly 17 out of every 1000 married women got a divorce. This was about .017% percent of married couples. While divorce rates continue to drop, the complications involved in the divorce process continue to rise.

The differences between man and wife can quickly grow into a grueling feud over who gets the house, vehicles, and children. It’s rare for a divorce case not to get a little messy. And this is especially so when either party is getting bad legal advice from family members and friends.

Don’t be that guy or gal. Seek legal counsel from an experienced divorce attorney. Meanwhile, you can use this guide to steer clear of common mistakes folks make that can ruin their divorce case.

1. Leaving the House Right Away

Once you file for divorce, there’s no say in who gets the property. In other words, neither of you have to leave the home. In fact, it’s best you don’t leave, especially when you have children.

Leaving the home right away will only make the situation more awkward and possibly more hostile. The two of you can sleep in separate parts of the home and operate like roommates until your divorce case is settled.

If you have children, staying at home will ensure there’s no estrangement or alienation that can affect your chances of getting majority time-sharing or significant time-sharing.

2. Aiming for Majority Time-Sharing to Lower Child Support

In the past, there was a higher chance for a woman to win full custody of the children. Today, both parents are on equal grounds in a custody battle.

However, you don’t want to ask for majority time-sharing for the sake of lowering your child support obligation.

The court is all about the best interests of the child. If the judge or magistrate sees you’re not genuine in your desire to have your children full-time, then this will backfire on you.

3. Getting Revenge

Maybe you weren’t the one who filed for divorce. Or maybe you did file because you were wronged by your spouse. The biggest mistake you can make is to seek vengeance against them.

There are different ways parties in a divorce case attempt to get revenge. For example, draining the bank account, changing the locks on the doors or taking the children and leaving the city or state.

All of this will look very bad in court and will only hurt your case.

Get a Lawyer Immediately for Your Divorce Case

The best way to avoid common mistakes is to hire a divorce lawyer as soon as possible. If you’re planning to file for divorce, then consult with an attorney beforehand.

The sooner you get a lawyer on your side, the better the outcome of your case. The attorneys at Perusse Family Law & Mediation Services can guide you through every step of your case.

If you’re in need of legal representation, counseling or mediation in Minnesota or Colorado, then contact us today.

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