Minnesota Modification of Decrees or Other Court Orders

Minnesota Modification of Decrees or Other Court Orders

Minnesota Modification of Decrees or Other Court Orders

As life goes on after a divorce, many times circumstances change making the terms of the original divorce decree unfair. Perhaps an adjustment is needed to serve the best interests of the children.

Child support or spousal maintenance modification requests require a demonstration of a significant change in circumstances. This may be warranted if a parent had a substantial change in income or, in the instance of child support, the parenting schedule has changed dramatically. You cannot stop making child support or spousal maintenance payments without the court’s consent. You will need a court order to do so. You should hire an attorney to help you get that order as soon as possible if you experience a change in circumstances.

You may also have changes within your family that require a new parenting schedule. It is very common to change the parenting time schedule as the children get older – a schedule created for a 2-year old likely looks very different than a schedule for a 16-year old. There may be other issues that need modification too.

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