Minnesota Parenting Plans

Minnesota Parenting Plans

Minnesota Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is a detailed document that parents create together setting out how they will share time with their children, positive ways to communicate with each other and to the children regarding holidays, vacation, and school. If there are disagreements, parents decide ahead of time how to resolve those conflicts outside of a courtroom.

These plans are developed with an eye toward respectful communication and positive interactions between the parents. The parents also have to acknowledge that compromise and flexibility in schedules are critical as the children grow older. Parenting Plans, when agreed to by the parties and attached to the parties’ judgment and decree, become enforceable court orders.

A parenting plan helps to significantly reduce future misunderstandings by having a “rulebook” in place that each parent can rely on as they jointly raise their kids between two households. A good example of a sample parenting plan can be found at the Minnesota Judicial Branch website.

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